The last republican president, Geo "I'm An Idiot" Bush has cost the American tax pay over fifteen trillion in debt. That's based on the two wars, bank deregulation financial collapse and massive tax cuts for the rich and their corporations. A lot of that debt continues to grow as the tax laws have not been changed. Deregulation is still a big push for republicans leaving way for future financial chaos.

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A lot more prayer and a little less criticism for our president, should be something all Americans strive to do. Regardless of party affiliation, he is the president of the United States.

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The Lethal Presidency of Barack Obama //

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BARACK OBAMA'S KENYAN BIRTH CERTIFICATE! This is part of what Obama has spent almost $2M to hide... you decide...

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BREAKING: Shocking 1995 Video Surfaces of Barack Obama Revealing Who He REALLY Is [VIDEO] #OBAMA Speech

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