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"Hat" stands: 1 1/4" Styrofoam balls; knee high hose any color; thread; Wood wheels (w holes) pegs, finales, candle stick holders & various sixe blocks; Craft glue (Elmers, Aileen's); Small saw; Scissors; Small binder clip or clamp; Paint/brush or spray paint; Sealer.


Barbie shopping bags for girls you can make these cheap easy you can get foam black bags 3 for a dollar at the dollar store and a handy glue gun !


If you can't wait for the new 2015 dolls to pop up in a store enar you, Entertainment Earth has started taking preoerders for some of the new dolls. Check them out below. Barbie and Her Sisters The Great Puppy Adventure Doll Set Barbie Malibu Shops Barbie Glitter Hair 2015 Barbie Saddle 'n Ride


Barbie as Rapunzel. Gosh this makes me feel old. Which is odd, because I'm not. I used to be addicted to the interactive CD-ROM game that came with this doll. Ah, the old days.