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graphic sheet detailing how to count calories : This is the Basal Metabolic Rate formula and represents the number of calories you would burn if you sat in bed all day. Remember, a calorie is a measure of energy because food helps "power" your body. Too many calories will be stored as fat, too little calories will leave you feeling fatigued and result in muscle catabolism. Your goal is to eat the "right" amount FOR YOU.

Metabolism solutions - Dr. Axe #health #holistic #natural

What "The Biggest Loser" Can Teach Us About Our Metabolism


Calculate your basal metabolic rate - how many calories you need just to live. (I wish there was a 5th step where you add 1000 calories so I can eat all the recipes I find on Pinterest.)


This Is How Many Calories You Actually Need

OK. So if you do want to figure out how many calories you should eat, a good place to start is by determining your basal metabolic rate, or BMR. | This Is How Many Calories You Actually Need


Wondering if your temps are normal? Before you ovulate (follicular phase), temps are usually 97-97.8°F. After ovulation, they usually jump up to 98-98.8°F. If your follicular temps are consistently below 97° or even in the very low 97's, sometimes this can indicate thyroid issues. After ovulation, the higher the temps the better (generally speaking). Ideally, you'd want to see temps in the 98.3-98.6 range. Lower temps can sometimes indicate low progesterone, sluggish metabolism, thyroid…