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Superheroes! batman rocks he`s the best superhero and he is a very gooddddddddddddddddd bat man get it hu hu

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Batman Statue

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Batman Christmas Reef

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Necklaces For Your Geeky Bestie

Best friend necklaces/ Batman and Robin

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TheMotivatedType on Etsy

Batman is just so Bad-Ass /\_/\ He is the best hero ever | I_I | I am Batman

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The Best Arrow Memes So Far

Batman / Green Arrow

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Bat Cave Children’s Rug

Bat Cave Bat Man Rug. Need this so badly

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Community Post: I'm Batbear

Now see? This guy would actually be scary and he doesn't need gadgets. He has super strength and no one is sure what he is going to do. Way scarier than just a bat or a man. Or a man wielding a bat.

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This is definitely going in my future movie room!!! ❤❤

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The evolution of The Bat Man. But I wouldn't call the evolution I'd call it "Even though he has all these bats we'd still know it's Batman's"

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