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Our master bathroom was typical of '80s homes. There was a vanity area that was basically in the bedroom because there wasn't a door, and then a pocket door into another room with a small shower stall, a large soaking tub (which we never used), and carpet! Yes, our bathroom was carpeted - except, thankfully, for a small section of vinyl by the shower & toilet. We completely gutted the space & put in a walk in shower where the soaking tub used to be. This shower is one of the best decisions…

I live in an apartment, so I know the common refrain: The blinds are ugly. The bathroom is butt ugly. The appliances are tacky. And it's jus...

Grow some moss in your bathroom

Real grass/ moss bathroom carpet, lives on the few drops of water from after your bath.


witanddelight (like the idea of having the bathroom be less "bathroom-y" and more cozy... As long as steam wouldn't harm carpets etc)