Mirror with tv! I seen Choctaws have these in some travel plazas. I would love it, however lets be realistic lol

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You can now include a TV in your bathroom without being worried about the space. The patented mirror technology that the company uses produces a clear picture from the LCD when it’s on and, because of the mirror, you won’t even notice the TV when it’s off.

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Bathroom TVs have been around for awhile, but the Seura The ONE television mirror launched is state of the art. It embeds a 19 inch HD TV in a finely crafted mirror only 1 inch thick. When turned on, the LCD screen is visible as a window within the mirror – so as not to obstruct the view of your good self – and when turned off the TV becomes completely invisible. This high-tech bathroom accessory comes at a price though – it will set you back around $3,500 USD… By: Trendey.

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this is a must for the bath. i will get the one from the block shop with black boarder finish.

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DIY Furniture Hacks | Trash to Treasure Curb Side TV Transformation | Cool Ideas for Creative Do It Yourself Furniture | Cheap Home Decor Ideas for Bedroom, Bathroom, Living Room, Kitchen - http://diyjoy.com/diy-furniture-hacks

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Flip Down under cabinet TV for kitchen - under corner cabinet. Should also be able to serve as monitor for internet... need access to Pinterest recipes!

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