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Batman ️

OMG i died when i saw this. So awesome

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Which is the best batman and joker?

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I'm getting bored with the current Batman Comic book story of Commissioner Gordan replacing Batman. Batman - Galerie de Luckystar

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What remains of the Batman.

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The evolution of The Bat Man. But I wouldn't call the evolution I'd call it "Even though he has all these bats we'd still know it's Batman's"

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About sums it up

And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is why I prefer the man with two hearts and a sonic screwdriver.M<<><><>< My young cousins believe that i am my young cousins believe that I am traveling with the Doctor. And he got me a green Sonic Screw driver. LOL

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"And you are afraid. But not of me. Tell us, Mr. Wayne, what do you fear?" - Ra's al Ghul

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TheMotivatedType on Etsy

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