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Batman Vs Superman Storyline

"from the JLA tower of babel storyline. don't nerf batman- he's the pinnacle of human potential." Batman has the ability to kill any and all of the other JL members If they go off the rail. Now that's impressive


The Man of Steel Vs Doomsday, Finally Coming to the Big Screen!?

Doomsday & Superman


superman batman movie | Is The Batman Vs. Superman Movie In Trouble?


Matt Damon Talks About the Batsuit and Batman Vs. Superman Storyline [Video] - The Film Junkee

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice

The Story Behind ‘Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice’

from Kotaku

11 Stories That Have Better Batman-Superman Moments

The storyline that pits Clark Kent against Bruce Wayne in Batman v Superman…

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice - Wonder Woman


'Justice League' Movie: Black Superman Suit Hints at Major Comics Storyline Henry Cavill has shared a look at his new costume for the movie. read more