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Battle Of Antietam

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Bloodiest Day in American History: The Battle of Antietam

*THE BATTLE of ANTIETAM, 1862~ The battle also became ingrained in the minds of Americans because an enterprising photographer, Alexander Gardner, visited the battlefield within days of the fighting. His images of dead soldiers still on the field were like nothing anyone had seen before. The photo's shocked visitors when they were displayed at the New York City gallery of Gardner's employer,Mathew Brady.Antietam, aka: Dead at Bloody Lane.


September 17, 1862: Battle of Antietam, a conflict between Union and Confederate armies during the Civil War that reuslted in the bloodiest single day in American military history


Antietam National Battlefield Antietam Battlefield - Philip Pry Farm The Philip Pry House served as headquarters for Maj. Gen. George B. McClellan, Union commander during the Battle of Antietam, and as a field hospital and headquarter of the Army of the Potomac medical department in the aftermath

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Battle of Antietam

Dead Confederate artillerymen photographed by Alexander Gardner in front of Dunker Church at the Battle of Antietam in Sept, 1862. #civilwar #antietam


Battle of Antietam, 1862. "Did you know, most battlefield photos, of the civil war, were taken weeks after the battles. With actors posing as dead soldiers.


"93rd New York Infantry at Antietam: Union troops gather near Sharpsburg, Maryland, on September 16, 1862, the day before the Battle of Antietam, which would become the bloodiest single day in American history. (Photo Credit: Library of Congress )."


*THE BATTLE of ANTIETAM ~ the Civil War's deadliest one-day fight. Union troops committed piecemeal had little effect


On September 17, 1862, George B. McClellan halts the northward drive of Robert E. Lee's Confederate army in the single-day Battle of Antietam, the bloodiest day in American history.