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The Battle of Athens McMinn County Tennessee and Vote Tampering

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Confederate Flag-Captured @ Battle of Athens-August 5, 1861 (Louie Zenti built frame).jpg

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The Battle of Marathon 490 BC: The day of Marathon is the critical epoch in the history of the two nations. It broke forever the spell of Persian invincibility, which had previously paralyzed men's minds. It helped the Greeks to get the spirit which beat back Xerxes. It secured for mankind the intellectual treasures of Athens, the growth of free institutions, the liberal enlightenment of the Western world, and the gradual ascendency for many ages of the great principles of European…

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Account of Xerxes witnessing the battle of Salamis between an Alliance of Greek city-states and the Persian Empire in September 480 B.C., in the straits between the mainland and Salamis, an island in the Saronic Gulf near Athens. It marked the high-point of the second Persian invasion of Greece which had begun in 480 B.C.

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Battle of Athens, Dec 1944: British paras & Greek gendarmes battle communist guerrillas in the middle of Athens with the support of a Sherman tank. *Note the gendarme on the left wearing a German helmet.

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Athena Goddess of Wisdom | huns harold mcneill solar knight alexander uglanov goddess of wisdom

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