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The Battle of Athens McMinn County Tennessee and Vote Tampering


The Battle of Marathon 490 BC: The day of Marathon is the critical epoch in the history of the two nations. It broke forever the spell of Persian invincibility, which had previously paralyzed men's minds. It helped the Greeks to get the spirit which beat back Xerxes. It secured for mankind the intellectual treasures of Athens, the growth of free institutions, the liberal enlightenment of the Western world, and the gradual ascendency for many ages of the great principles of European…


Remember The Battle of Athens, Tennessee! One Reason Why an Armed Citizenry is Necessary – Eagle Rising

Close-up view of 1st Lt. A.J. Crutchfield of the 20th (Russell's) Tennessee Cavalry. Killed at the Battle of Sulphur Creek Trestle, AL. also known as the Battle of Athens, AL.


The Battle of Athens, TN, 1946; a well regulated militia of WWII veterans exercised their 2nd amendment rights and overthrew their tyrannical and corrupt county government in Tennessee that was attempting to defraud voters.