I cant imagine this all happening in the sky above me-The contrails left by dogfights between the RAF and the Luftwaffe on September 15, 1940. On this day the the RAF claimed 176 aircraft Luftwaffe shot down in two major raids on London. This day was the turning point for the campaign and became known as Battle of Britain Day.

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How England was divided into areas for the different RAF Groups to look after. From Blackout and All Clear by Connie Willis.

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Note the dark circles under the eyes caused by exhaustion and the defiant stance of this RAF pilot.He flew in The Battle of Britain and kept Hitler from crossing the Channel.

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A Spitfire (front) and a Hurricane patrolling the coast during the Battle of Britain, in 1940. The RAF relied on these fighters to confront the huge waves of German bombers and fighters that attacked Britain from Norway, France and the Netherlands during August and September. Though severely outnumbered, British pilots managed to inflict considerable losses to the German air force, finally forcing the German command to postpone the invasion of Britain; they'd turn later to find hell in the…

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Magazine centrefold showing different versions of the Spitfire painted in the markings of various squadrons and air forces. Profiles of this type provide invaluable reference for researchers and aircraft modellers. Designed by Reginald Mitchell and powered by a Rolls-Royce Merlin engine, the Spitfire was integral to Britain's front-line air defence during World War II, and together with the Hawker Hurricane fighter played a key role in the Battle of Britain of 1940

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