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Memorial to members of 30 and 33 Squadrons RAF killed during Battle of Crete .

Cretan partisans pose for a photograph following the Axis invasion of the Greek island. Part of the larger Greek Resistance, it began on 20 May 1941 when German Fallschirmjäger (paratroops) invaded the island in the Battle of Crete (German: Unternehmen Merkur, or, Operation Mercury). For the first time during the war, invading German forces faced in Crete a valiant and vicious backlash from the local civilian population. Civilians on Crete: men, women and even children, picked off Axis…


Cretans attacking 3 Germans battle of Crete 1941. Island of the brave. 8000 German paratroopers dropped on a tiny island and the Greek resistance with little help from British killed more then half the troops as they were coming down. The Greeks would stab them with pitchforks and steal their weapons. Fields of blood ran.


May 1941, Battle of Crete. Cretan civilians – men, women, children, priests, monks, and even nuns -armed or otherwise- joined the battle with whatever weapons were at hand. In some cases, ancient matchlock rifles which had last been used against the Turks were dug up from their hiding places and pressed into action.


John Devitt Stringfellow Pendlebury (12 October 1904 – 22 May 1941) was a British archaeologist who worked for British intelligence during World War II. He was killed during the Battle of Crete.


German paratroopers during a break in battle on Crete, May 1941. Certainly a propaganda photo for the homeland, concealing the huge losses o...


During the Battle of Crete (η Μάχη της Κρήτης), Hitler’s army faced the wrath of Cretans fighting for their land and their lives. Civilians joined in the battle — women too — to defend their island. Iconic images from the Battle of Crete (η Μάχη της Κρήτης) that were posted on HALC's blog.