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'It is a charming sight, is it not, to see the great guns fire? And tonight you will see them in the dark, which is even finer. Lord, you should have seen the Nile! And Heard it! How happy you would have been!' (The Battle of the Nile, Thomas Luny, 1830, National Maritime Museum)


On a choppy sea, a large warship burns out of control. The central ship is flanked by two other largely undamaged ships. In the foreground two small boats full of men row between floating wreckage to which men are clinging.

"The Hazards of War, or, Nelson Wounded". Nelson wounded at the Battle of the Nile, standing on deck with blood streaming from his head, supported by a sailor and pointing towards the battle raging on the right while speaking to Captain Berry; other sailors nearby, including one sitting in the right foreground, nursing his wounded knee. 1798.


Nelson's Battle of the Nile medal, copper, showing Peace, standing on a rocky shore with anchor behind, holding an olive branch in her extended right hand and supporting with her left arm an oval medallion with the bust of Lord Nelson and the inscription EUROPE'S HOPE AND BRITAIN'S GLORY. The legend reads, "REAR-ADMIRAL LORD NELSON OF THE NILE". The reverse shows Britain's fleet assembled in Aboukir Bay, with an inscription, 1798.

Battle of the Nile - August 1798 Nelson returns on deck after having his wound dressed. The quarterdeck of a ship, with many sailors moving about. In the centre stands a man in an officer's uniform (Nelson) with a bandage around his head. He is looking to the left of the picture, where in the background a large ship is on fire.


Clio's Lessons: French Revolution - Battle of the Nile, Introduction


The Battle of the Nile. An engraved print showing a tightly packed line of 13 warships flying the French flag. The ships are firing on eight ships flying the British flag that are steadily approaching them from the right of the picture.


Admiral Nelson recreating with his brave tars after the glorious battle of the Nile Rowlandson delin. & sculp. Rowlandson, Thomas, 1756-1827, printmaker. London : Pub. Octr. 20, 1798, at Ackermann's Gallery, No. 101 Strand, [1798] Call Number: 798.10.20.01+ Image ID:lwlpr09374