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Leopardess Tigra

A mystic ritual gave Greer Nelson razor sharp claws, enhanced senses, and the strength and speed of a tiger. But it also gave her a primal instinct that she has struggled to control ever since. Whether as part of the Avengers or not, Tigra's passion for justice has carried her through her toughest battles.


Armed with her a crossbow Estella headed up the hill as Strider had told her, as she turned around and looked at the battle field she thought "This is my battle too!" Then Estella ran down the steep hill and headed for her friends. "Estella! Why-" "this is all of our fight!" Estella said interrupting Nayomi and firing her cross bow. 'Nothing can take this away' She thought as she ran for her beloved son. And that was the last Nayomi ever saw of her dear friend..