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BC Hydro power outage preparedness #LDSemergencyresources #MormonLink

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BC Hydro - News - Power Outages - Outage Map

BC Hydro Not Ready for Natural Disaster: Audit Given lack of preparedness, expect long, widespread power outages, warned December internal probe.

BC Hydro recommends natural candles rather than paraffin for power outages or alternative lighting. We prefer pure beeswax.


Prepare for a power outage before it happens


Wedged in between Vancouver and Vancouver Island, Lasqueti is home to some 400 people who’ve decided to escape the rat race and enjoy life off grid. The island is roughly the same size as Manhattan, but with a completely different feel. The entire population on the island lives off of solar power and generators, receiving no power from BC hydro. Many residents build their homes with a very simplistic outline, often including outdoor plumbing, which means having to go outside in any weather…


BC Hydro is being used to funnel tens of billions in public dollars through construction contracts to Liberal friends, says Norm Farrell after reviewing the utility's financial data.