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BCL-Infographic (3)

Infográfico: as mudanças na busca por um trampo nos últimos 20 anos

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New York Inspiration More news about New York city here ! Plus d'actus sur la ville de New York ici !……re pinned by Maurie Daboux ╰☆╮

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Eggy Nana: Take half a banana & one egg, mash & mix together. Melt some coconut oil in a pan (about 1T) and swirl to coat. Pour banana mixture into the pan. When it seems to have cooked on one side (it should loosen quite easily), flip and cook the other side. You could also scramble it and serve like scrambled eggs, but we serve it like a pancake. My daughter loves this. I've been serving it to her this was since she was about 10 months old; she's now 2 1/2. For fun add shredded coconut!

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Central Park, New York City

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