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Be Prepared

How To Be Prepared With An Emergency Toilet

How To Be Prepared With An Emergency Toilet. We've had the power go out so the pump also went. This is a good idea that we used when I was a kid ( 50 years ago) when we went camping.

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Emergency Preparedness: 100 Items to Disappear First

Think you're on top of your emergency preps? This list of 100 items to disappear first might give you some things to think about. Whether natural disaster or economic collapse, being prepared is key to survival.

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37 Creative Storage Solutions to Organize All Your Food & Supplies — One challenge we all seem to face is how best to store our stuff. Being prepared means having a large stock of necessities (and some luxuries) on hand. It also means you need to figure out how to maximize your storage space, so you actually have some room to live.

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You’ve Saved Up A Down Payment, You’re Pre-Approved For A Mortgage, You’ve Found A Place You Love. Now, HEADS UP! There’ll Be All Sorts Of Extra Fees and Charges Coming At You. With This Handy Chart You’ll Be Prepared For The Hidden Costs That Come With Buying A #Home. -Review Journal #HomeBuying buy a home buying your first home #homeowner

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Food Storage for "Dummies" (who are SMART enough read this!)

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Child #CPR steps. (#Infographic) - Be Prepared to Save a Life!
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10 Martial Law Survival Strategies You Should Know

Be prepared to hunker down and avoid public places because during martial law, there are likely to be riots, and your rights as a citizen will be gone.

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For power outages: use solar yard lights as night lights indoors. Safer for kids than candles and they last a long time!

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