Vintage alarm clocks. I collect these. My friend @Andrea Hoinka suggested I set them to the times my girls were born, I was married, etc.

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Avoid over decorating the guest bedroom. You want it to be comfortable and welcoming but not so full of decorative objects and furniture that guests have no place to put their things. Leave room to make this their home for the duration of their stay. If you have only one guest room, choose twin beds over a double or queen-size bed; that way friends, children, or couples can occupy the room comfortably. A shared table serves both beds as a place for an alarm clock and personal items.

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Skateboard tricks in the ’70s. Jumping over a sleeping guy on a bench, this is a trick you don't want to mess up. Dude might be a little pissed you used your vans as an alarm clock.

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Salton Sea Beach, California, USA Salton Sea Beach was flooded in 1973 by highly saline water from the nearby Salton Sea, an accidental inland ocean created when the Colorado River poured through salt flats in 1905. Residents left most of their belongings and moved elsewhere; you can still find alarm clocks, dolls, and LPs embedded in the inches-thick crust of salt that covers every surface

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I'm going to need a clock/alarm in the room... found the alarm (if I can get it) but also need a clock about this size but don't like this one necessarily. Must think and hunt further... ~ ! ~

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