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This beach chair with a clamp on umbrella comes with us on every beach trip. The umbrella can be adjusted and tilted in any direction so you can always sit in the shade.

This magnetic, insulated can cookie takes front stage or shall I say side stage to my beach chair. No drinks spilling over or sand getting in thanks to this cool beach chair accessory.

The bottom layer of this beach or outdoor blanket is waterproof so if the sand or grass is wet the blanket stays dry. The top layer is soft and made of comfortable cotton.

Want to share your beach blanket with friends or family? There are 4 loops at each corner and the blanket comes with 4 stakes to keep it flat and from blowing in the wind. This one packs easily into a handy carrying case and can be thrown in the washer and dryer for easy clean up.

A spring pool float with a canopy that can easily be removed keeps the upper body protected from direct sun.

Keep your beach blanket from blowing in the wind by weighing it down with sand filled pockets.

100 UV protection sunglasses that wrap around keep UV rays from entering from the top and sides. Protects not only your eyes but the delicate skin that can so easily wrinkle.