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Beaches and sea

Top Beaches for Shells & Seaglass in the USA

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Glass Beach

Glass Beach "When driving north on Hwy. 1, turn left on Elm St. Drive down till you see the parking area facing the sea. Walk on the path, which runs parallel with a chain link fence. When you reach the end of the fence [almost at the edge of a cliff] be sure and turn left [south] and follow the path down to the beach".

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Where to find sea glass - here are a list of sea glass beaches all over the world where people like you have reported finding sea glass! Collecting sea glass has never been more fun...

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Fort Bragg, CA

This summer I would love to go on a little getaway with my boyfriend to visit Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, CA. I've been there before, but he hasn't and I think it would be fun and relaxing to see it together. My boyfriend and I live 5 hours apart (He's in So Cal, I'm in Nor Cal) and this would be an easy adventure/road trip that we could enjoy together around both of our schedules. :)

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Glass Beach, FOrt Bragg, North Carolina. I want to visit this place someday! This ocean coast used to be a dump and now it's a protected state park but all the glass thrown into the ocean has now been beaten and returned to shore as sea glass!

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"It's found crawling on beaches and sea floors. the coral that grows on Corsola's head is as good as a five-star banquet to this Pokémon" - Mareanie's Pokédex entry

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Angelfish Suncatcher: Stained Glass Window Decoration, copper foil & solder technique, Home Decor, Ocean Life, Beach and Sea, all year color

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Framed Heart with Beach Glass and Sand

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