With scissors, you can blend and trim certain areas quickly and easily with more precision than a trimmer. More about beard grooming at Beardoholic.com

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Beard Care Tips: How To Trim Your Beard Like a Master Barber | Beard Styling | Bearded Men |

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If you plan on growing a long beard, patience is even more important. Make a mistake, and you’ll have to start over, losing months of growth. For any length beard trimming is a vital component in your beard maintenance routine. Just like the hair on your head, face hair requires regular trimming and shaping to look its best. Beard care and grooming tips from Beardoholic.com

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7 Beard Shaping Tips to Optimize Your Beard Style From http://Beardoholic.com

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This DIY Suction-Cup Apron Is The Solution To Your Beard-Grooming Woes. would never use this but cool 😎

How to Shape Your Beard Without Trimming | Beard Care Tips | Grow a Beard Fast |

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