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Beatles wives

They Were The Most Popular Band On Earth, But No One Was Aware Of These 16 Odd Things.

george harrison gif. cute smile

Ringo & Barbara


The Beatles And Their First Wives ~ Ringo & Maureen ~ Paul And Linda ~ John & Cynthia & George & Pattie


The thing about The Beatles fandom is that, some people love The Beatles wives some people hate them, some people have a favorite Beatle some don't, but one thing that keeps us all together is their music. It speaks to everyone of us at some point in our lives. And that's what I really love about The Beatles, their music brings people together. :)


Paul McCartney and Bernadette Farrell- Byrne (performing at the Cavern with the Beatles, late 1962. The young woman sitting down is Bernadette Byrne (maiden name Farrell). She was George Harrison’s girlfriend for a time and went on to co-found The Beatles Story museum in Liverpool. Scanned from “The McCartneys: In the Town Where They Were Born” by Kevin Roach.)


RIP John & Cynthia>> omg that caption really just hit me wow