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Muse...Beatrice Portinari: "Dante Alighieri figuratively walked through Hell, Purgatory and Heaven for his beloved. The Divine Comedy features Beatrice Portinari as the author’s guide through the last book of Purgatorio and the entirety of Paridisio, replacing the pagan Virgil. The real Portinari’s life was far less charmed than her literary counterpart’s, however. Born into a Florentine banker family, she only met Dante twice, though he pined for almost an entire decade between encounters."

from Standing on my Head

Women are Not Equal

Dante sees Beatrice for the 2nd, and last time walking along the Arno in Firenze. That was 1300...I still walk these streets today

from the pocket scroll

Saint of the Week: Dante Alighieri, Supreme Poet of Italy


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