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More Beautiful French Words: Bibliotheque {Library} pamplemousse {grapefruit} ameliorer {to improve} parapluie {umbrella} inoubliable {unforgettable} beaujolais {type of wine} bibliothèque {library} malheureusement {unfortunately} aubergine {eggplant} volontiers {with pleasure} enchanté {delighted to} merveilleux {marvelous} époustouflant {mind-boggling} délirant {wild, hysterical} AUDIO PRONUNCIATION LINK:

Guest Podcast: How to Use the French Subjunctive

Lucy Darling All Aboard Paris: A French Primer - Teach your little one about the iconic City of Lights and introduce them to the beautiful French language with this French primer! Explore famous sites such as the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame while learning French words around the city.

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How to Boost Your French Effortlessly with French Lover Daily

Learn French with French Lover daily, A word of the day on steroïds, to boost your French vocabulary.

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22 Majestic French Insults We Need In English

No one does trash talk better than the French.