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Bed Feet

Bed Risers that look like real furniture... I love this!!!! Looks like my bed is going to be getting a raise this weekend!


You need: 2 PAX cabinets with doors 2 LURÖY slatted bed base Bed Feet Timber Some hinges Double mattress We used two PAX cabinets, one that is 1 m and one that is 50 cm wide. To accommodate a double bed, the cabinets must be spliced. If a single bed is on your wish list, you can get away with one cabinet of 1 m. It is important that you attach the cabinets to the wall, use a stud sensor to locate where the stud ends are behind the wall for the best possible grip. I attached a beam in the…


materiales respetuosos con el medio ambiente y con la salud de los niños

from Daily Health Post

Spray This 3-Ingredient Oil On Your Feet 10 Minutes Before Bed And You'll Be Dozing Off In No Time!

Do you have trouble falling asleep? Can you recall the last time you had a restful sleep and woke up rejuvenated? A good night’s sleep isn’t always easy to come by. Yet, it’s a key element to having good health. Not getting enough ZZZs overtime can be detrimental to your body and mind.But don’t worry, you’re about to discover a simple trick that will revolutionize the way you sleep! Homemade sleepytime foot spray helps you..


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How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs (so they don't come back!) Powder on mattress and traps on bed feet.