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25 DIY Window Seat Design Ideas Bringing Coziness into Modern Interiors

An extremely practical and stylish way to frame out a window in a small guest room. Maximize the effect by making the window seat lift to store linens, rather than having actual drawers. Also add draperies and leave out the end table to create more room.

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Bedroom Design. Bedroom Decor. The benches at the end of a bed come in so handy. You can lay your clothing there or have a convenient place to sit and put on your shoes. CLICK ON PIN AND LEARN HOW TO MAP PINS WITH YOUR ARCHITECTURE BUSINESS


Love this idea. Built ins to hide the TV in the bedroom. Plus the shelving/storage for DVDs etc. Nobody wants to see that stuff in their bedroom


Desk Window Seat. Hmm. Where we have the built in drawers in the one wall this could would need to be higher tjo

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Adding shelves around the headboard of the bed adds a new look plus gives room for storage and displaying your favorite pictures. CLICKING ON PIN TAKES YOU TO OUR HINTS ON HOW TO USE PINTEREST


This could be a variant of the mirror at the end, but has a seating surface. It would be extra nice to have laundry bins built into it (and hidden) as well.