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Bee Supplies

* Material: Stainless Steel. * The length of the frame grip is approx 12cm. * Lifting the frames from the hive becomes an easy job. * Stainless steel handle, a more precise capture of framework.

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100% Wool Dryer Balls - Set of THREE with FREE little green bag by A Little Green Bee. Save 7 Off!. $13.99. This lot contains Three 100% HANDMADE 100% Wool dryer balls. These Dryer Balls--100% wool down to the core. They are completely made out of wool, inside and out. We use 100% wool roving to form the ball. They are about the size of a tennis ball and will shrink slightly over time. They are "All-Natural". All natural means that this product is 100% free from any artificial preservatives…


♠♪ Root Quality Bee Supplies Bee Smoker A.I Root Co. Medina, Ohio USA WORKS!

"Homegrown Honey Bees" is a comprehensive, colorful and easily understood guide to how to keep bees. Check out an excerpt from this book for advice on selecting a starter colony for beginner beekeepers.


Bees and Bee Supplies | Mason Bees Blue Orchard Mason Bees are gentle, rarely sting and are easy to raise. They are one of the first emerging bees in spring, just in time to coincide with early blooming fruit and nut trees. These energetic little bees do not produce honey and do not swarm; they simply flit from flower to flower, gathering and distributing pollen.