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Beef Stew Jamie Oliver

Insanely good oxtail stew

JAMIE OLIVER'S OXTAIL STEW - oxtail is super fatty - use a different cut. I used Goats do Roam red wine - it's sweeter than most wines, and turned out delish - Nat

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Jamie Oliver's spiced lamb stew with walnuts & pomegranate | KeepRecipes: Your Universal Recipe Box

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Melt-in-your-mouth shin stew

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Insanely good oxtail stew

Insanely good oxtail stew | Jamie Oliver#L2lzze3jCcKLjXZK.03#5TWFqsiUJy8g7u5c.97#5TWFqsiUJy8g7u5c.97

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Chilli con Jamie

chilli con jamie, Jamie Oliver. Beef brisket, hot coffee, dried chillies (chipotle, poblano), ground cumin, smoked paprika, dried oregano, bay leaves, red onions, chillies, cinammon sticks, garlic, chopped tomatoes, muscovado sugar, yellow & red peppers, tin beans, sour cream (topping).

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