beards carefully curated- Check Tattoos - Check Muscles - Check Scotsman ......??

Tom Hardy... excellent silk taffeta looking jacket sad about the sleeve... Tom's too thick latissimus and tricep is making the fabric pull -- cheapo tailor could've gone a bit more on the bias to facilitate more fabric give... but then again, hardy's got a beefy build and all the chicks like that ;)... still, taffeta is a bitch to work with.

Coffee Rubbed Burgers with Dr Pepper BBQ Sauce #OneOfAKindFan #Ad | The Chunky Chef | Not your average burger! Juicy beef burgers seasoned with a spiced coffee rub, topped with peppered bacon and a lip smacking Dr Pepper BBQ sauce!

[TIP] Ageing through the decades: Medical and lifestyle tips to grow old gracefully

Chris Pine (please follow minkshmink on pinterest)

from an Armani photo shoot in 2016

Sure to be a new family favorite! Beefy Tomato Macaroni Soup from Hot Eats and Cool Reads

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Hey friends! I am LOVING how this next piece turned out! I have been wanting something big and beefy for my entryway, and this console table fits the bill. It’s a beast. And it’s beautiful. Check out my new DIY Industrial Cart Console Table! You can download and print the FREE PLANS by clicking HERE, and I will walk you through the entire build below. And, let’s talk cost. The cost of lumber on this was around $70. The casters do add to the cost, but I and was still able to stay under ...

Beefy Nacho Casserole Recipe ~ Heaven help me... gooey bubbly goodness!

Chris Pine😍


You won't want to miss our poor man's soup - with low cost ingredients that are healthy for you. Feed your family healthy meals on a budget. #allshecooks

Chris Pratt, I loved him in Parks and Recreation, but now there are millions of other reasons I like him!!

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Beef Beer and Chorizo Sloppy Joes | These aren't the usual sloppy joes... made with beef, spicy chorizo, jalapeno and beer, they're an adult version of everyone's favorite childhood sandwich! |

Im thinking Alexander Skarsgard would have made a good Knight in Kathryn Le Veque Romance...he's tall, he's beefy , and he has a fierceness about him. Yum!

Oh god, he's (Also by far my favorite man of the True Blood world.)

Spicy Beef Broccoli Bowl // super fast, only takes 15 minutes via Fit Men Cook #healthy #protein

Dwayne Johnson, the one reason I put up with my husband watching WWE, the off chance that this guy might show up!!

Henry Simmons...<3

Paul Newman. Had a long marriage that was known to be good and used his money to help others in his lifetime as well as the future.

Looking for a budget meal this week? I made this Poor Man's Stew for $6.24 and it feeds 5 people! I put ground beef, russet potatoes, carrots, onions, tomato paste,