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Beefy Men

This guy reminds me of myself and that us beefy guys can rock the hell outta fashion too! :)

The world needs more bearded men in kilts /sarongs/ pants alternatives.

Jeff Seid Male Fitness Model & Pro Bodybuilder © Luis Rafael # Pecs Six Pack Abs Hunk Men Nice Arms Bare Chest Hot Guy Male Body Shirtless Musculoso Beefy Sexy Man

PAUL GIARDINA fitness model © MICHAEL HALLENBECK www.modelmayhem.c... # pecs six pack abs hunk hot guy nice arms bare chest male body musculoso shirtless eye candy adonis men

BEEFY MEN, chubbyaddiction: serioussituation: Hubs. ...

Eric Turner © PAT LEE # pecs six pack abs bare chest hunk hot guy nice arms musculoso shirtless eye candy adonis torso

I have never had a problem with men having body hair, in fact I think it's damn sexy (except back hair, ew). This guy though, you can tell he used to makes his front side look funny. MEN, DON'T MANSCAPE WITHOUT GOOD REASON. (like being an Olympic swimmer/runner is a good reason, or having shoulder hair, LOL)

  • Kristi Marie

    LOL great comment! I don't care either way to be honest it's LOOKS that bother me. I think a person should just BE COMFORTABLE but if you're going to manscape and then stop I can tell and that's gross. It's the way it grows. If you develop a product, make one to prevent men's hair from growing back at an unnatural downward angle. ...back hair is gross no matter who you are LOL and I feel horrible for those people

  • Bear Shave

    This is true funny comment at for females i dont mind either way

  • (TK) Krystoffer

    I must agree with Kristi. I personally like a more natural fella with his chest hair intact! I envy men who can, for I'm thankful for the little patch of grass I have! I can also sympathize for those who must remove the unsightly pelt, that they grow. For the record, I myself do a little manscaping, but never my chest (did it once for an old boyfriend, never again!). I mainly attack below the belt line. Sorry but if you think that's gross, guess again. It's sanitary and part of my weekly routine. Bushes are fine, if you're into gardening. ☺

  • Bear Shave

    Fair enough i am in process of producing a range of products. Trying to get as many people's opinions on manscaping as possible.

  • Kristi Marie

    Oh I believe there is a market for it, definitely doesn't make it attractive LOL. I'd rather have a man with curly Q's on their chest than the "I used to manscape then got tired of it and decided to be a man" look LOL. I like a man comfortable with the way he is naturally.

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AKIS HATZIIORDANOU male fitness model © JORGE FREIRE www.modelmayhem.c... # pecs six pack abs hunk men nice arms bare chest hot guy male body shirtless musculoso

Man Chili - There's nothing like a big hot bowl of chili to warm your family up! This one is a basic, delicious chili that the men in your life will love. No turkey or tofu in this one! Just big beefy chili. Step-by-step photo directions.

  • Julie May

    Jeannie - thanks for the invitation. I have an invitation to a pot luck on my fridge right now!! :)

LOL! i hate it when beefy men do this. it is called a SQUAT rack for a fucking reason u meathead. Real lifters would not use a squat rack for curls

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Jeff Seid © LUIS RAFAEL # men hot guy abs pecs eye candy bare chest hunk nice arms male fitness model body adonis shirtless bodybuilder

A Real Men's Workout

now and then my pinterest seems to get flooded with beefcake men, so i figured i could balance that out with some hot beefy men instead! I'm using this picture because I have to say- chunky Seth is a sexier Seth. Eat more pies!

Gay Days hosted a Wet Bears Saturday Afternoon Pool Party at The Doubletree by Hilton in Orlando, FL. This party was held in the Sea World Lakes Pool and featured the DJ Edil Hernandez with lots of beefy men both in and around the pool. www.jumponmarksli...

One of the Best Dressed Men of all time: Humphrey Bogart: Because he may not have been as good-looking as Gable or as charming as Tracy, but he had character and strength embodied in his beefy, no-nonsense suits.

Gay Days hosted a Wet Bears Sunday Afternoon Pool Party at The Doubletree by Hilton in Orlando, FL. This party was held in the Sea World Lakes Pool and featured the DJ Bill Bennett with tons of beefy men having fun both in and around the pool. www.jumponmarksli...

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