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Beijing Olympic Flame

The High Priestess Maria Nafpliotou raises the Olympic flame during the Flame Lighting Ceremony for the Beijing Olympic Games, in Olympia, March 24, 2008


Olympics flame burns brightly - A look back at the Olympics flame ahead of Rio 2016 Opening Ceremony - The Olympic Flame at the National Stadium on Day 7 of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games on August 15, 2008 in Beijing, China.


Greek children holding a torch of the 2008 Beijing Olympics pose for photographers in Giannitsa, Greece March 27, 2008. The Olympic flame travelled for the fourth day in Greece after it was lit in the site of ancient Olympia. [Xinhua]


Olympics Opening Ceremony 2016: Rio Olympics Games Opening Ceremony: Olympics Opening Ceremony Please SUBSCRIBE Our Channel Getting More Videos. Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony By [ Martha Castro M.D. Yes friends. The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games we were waiting for so anxiously are finally here. I had the privilege of watching the Olympic Opening Ceremony live by satellite. It was a wonderful experience. I planned ahead of course. Since I…

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Běijīng (北京)

the 2008 Olympic Mascots - The Fuwa, or "Good Luck Dolls" were the official mascots of the Beijing Games. Their names, Beibei (a fish), Jingjing (a panda), Huanhuan (the olympic flame), Yingying (a Tibetan antelope) and Nini (a swallow) together form the phrase "Beijing Welcomes You".

My monkey Terry Towelling watching the opening of the Beijing Olympics 2008. Performing in Olympics Visit