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I used to feel guilty about my own madness. I used to be terrified of being labeled as crazy. Maybe because what I feared what not being crazy but I feared all the greatness my mind knew it could reach. Sanity is bullshit. Crazy is bullshit. Free your mind and accept whatever it leads you to. Don't fear the dark. That is not who you are, just something you must pass by. The brightest of days were only found so after the darkest of nights.


Being an ambivert is a confusing cycle. On the one hand I like being alone, on the other hand I get stir crazy if I don't leave the house after a while.


Pin-Up Insight: I want to be cuddled, but I also want to be left the hell alone. Being crazy is hard.


Everyday in the life of an INTJ. Seriously, seldom do things make us laugh. And when we aren't being so damn serious, it can be nice.


bcs somehow, i feel like i don't deserve to be loved. i don't belong to anyone. nobody could bear my craziness. maybe i just meant to be alone and broken

Well based only on looks this would be a good casting choice. Obviously infinitely better than any white-washing that might occur.