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Happiness is in you ... Find it and hold on to it. Trust me ... When you get your new job, house, bag, boo, or whatever ... You'll still be unhappy if you can't be happy alone and with nothing. Don't be complacent ... Always want more, but enjoy the process of getting those wonderful things you want. ✨ God is good. He's been working in my life sooooo much #HeGotYouToo

from Wonderlass

7 Ways to be Happy Alone

Ah, being alone. Some people love it, others hate it. Some people prefer it, others are terrified of it. Whether it’s being alone for just a couple days or for weeks, months or years, I think it’s super important to learn to be happy. Alone. Totally … alone. Just you … and yourself. No one …


This could be controversial~be confident in yourself and not afraid of being alone and having your own life and not so dependent on another. Sharing a life w/ a companion can bring you much joy, but also much heartache.


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Exactly. Because you find yourself separated doesn't mean you run backwards you walk forwards and take a moment to figure it all out - you don't use people to forget about people.


I'm so here with things now. It's peaceful here... I like it. I'd rather be alone, lonely - than lonely in the same room with him.