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Some say I'm too sensitive

Everyone says I'm too sensitive and that I have to toughen up. I'd rather go through life feeling everything and every emotion...than to be NUMB. I agree with you girls though. I am the first person to laugh...but also the first one to cry when I'm sad. And as you know...this is the saddest time of my life. I've been preparing myself for this for years...but I never thought it would come all at once.


But I will change my behavior depending on theirs. If I change, that's because their treatment of me has changed.


Yep Donald McNamara showed me this one and now I can't even come close to the person I was because of the abuse. Sorry my friends, I just can't find my way back to the love and trust I used to have. I wasted too much on Don and now I don't feel that I deserve to be loved and can't trust that the men out there aren't there to just hurt me more.


Yes, you may act fine, but you're clearly hurt. Stop trying to bring me down cuz you're miserable.


Knowing you're being lied to is worse than being hurt by the truth, because some truths only make you angry while being lied to destroys your trust.

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