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Some people simply don't understand this...until it is far too late. Being unappreciated is incredibly hurtful - even more so if you're a giver by nature. Eventually, you get tired of the BS and dust them off your shoes. ~<3~ Shayne


Being unappreciated can mean feeling like your efforts are ignored or overlooked. We all strive for appreciation when we do something well, and if this recognition is not given by others then this can decrease the sense of accomplishment that you feel. Being unappreciated can be a horrible feeling, one that many people avoid if possible. If you do not show appreciation to others then you may not receive any in return.


That's how it is, if you are there for people, they imagine you will always be waiting for them, when you have had enough of the one sided friendship and you stop making yourself available, all of a sudden they notice, by then you don't give a crap, you just wish you hadn't wasted time with a self centered ingrate.