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Ben Jonson, John Marston and Early Moder (Hardcover)

Jonson John,Ben Jonson,Early Moder,Moder Hardcover,John Marston

Ben Jonson "¡Él no pertenecía a una era, sino a todos los tiempos!". La frase que mencionó Diana luego de enterarse de que Matthew tenía más de mil quinientos años.


Ben Jonson (Paperback), Books

Jonson Paperback,Ben Jonson,Paperback Books

Ben Jonson, 1572-1637, Elizabethan England. Key works: Every Man in His Humour (1598); Sejanus His Fall (1603); Eastward Ho (1605, with John Marston & George Chapman); Volpone (1605-06); Epicoene, or The Silent Woman (1609); The Alchemist (1610); Bartholomew Fair (1614); The Devil is an Ass (1616).


This pattern was one of my earliest designs. The quote comes from Ben Jonson... It is not growing like a tree In bulk doth make man bette...


Ben Jonson ( Shakespeare Handbooks) (Hardcover)

Jonson Shakespeare,Shakespeare Handbooks,Handbooks Hardcover,Ben Jonson

Shakespeare's Actors. A fiddler as sketched by Inigo Jones. From inigo Jones and Ben Jonson 1853.


The Holloway Pages: Ben Jonson: Works (1692 Folio): The Masque of Queens

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Ben Jonson writes about Puppets and Barhtolomew Faire

Ben Jonson writes about Puppets and Barhtolomew Faire: Broadside for Ben Jonson's Bartholomew Fayre


Scene of Witches, from "The Masque of Queens" by Ben Jonson,1785 by Johann Heinrich Füssli