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Plaque on the wall of the Golden Lion, Moor Lane, Lancaster where tradition has it condemned prisoners, including the Lancashire Witches were given a last drink on their way to Gallows Hill.


CAST: Elvis Presley, Suzanna Leigh, James Shigeta, Donna Butterworth, Irene Tsu, Julie Parrish, Philip Ahn, Mary Treen, Marianna Hill, John Doucette, Grady Sutton; DIRECTED BY: Michael Moore; WRITTEN

from The Black Art Depot

Members of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc: Paul Robeson, Andrew Young, Senator Edward Brooke, Eddie Robinson, Senator Roland Burris, Thurgood Marshall, Rosey Grier, Adam Clayton Powell, W.E.B. DuBois, Martin Luther King, Dick Gregory, Emmanuel Cleaver, Duke Ellington, David Dinkins, Winston Scott, Lenny Wilkins, Johnnie E. Wilson, Hill Harper, Al Green, Benjamin Hacker, John H. Johnson and the founders of the organization.


Varys Status: Alive Last seen 2.20. Varys visits Tyrion Lannister in his new cramped quarters. Varys informs Tyrion that Queen Cersei ordered Mandon Moore to attack him and Bronn was relieved of duty and left. Varys brings Shae in and then thanks Tyrion for saving the city as no one else will. Titles: Master of Whisperers (Varys has served on King Robert Baratheon's small council and now King Joffrey's as well.) Origin: Essos Portrayed by: Conleth Hill


Due South, Stargate SG1, Mysterious Ways, The West Wing (Had to go from the fantasy of the best president ever to the reality of GWB ... Rough. Seriously); Farscape, and the hardest one of all ... FIREFLY.