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My personalized christmas door's done 😊

from The End In Mind

They are here. Each year I wait with great anticipation for them to arrive. To me, they make up the best times of the year. “They” refers to the –ber months…September, October, November and December. I have always loved these four months of the year. The heat and humidity of summer has faded and has […]


Hey my little blonde friend, have you been staring at the bloody pumpkin for an hour? What country are you from? It's enough, that one is mine mine mine.


Let's Welcome the 1st " BER " of the month in year 2014, We should give THANKS to GOD for everything! In past 8 months we survived to face challenges in LIFE with CONFIDENCE! I hope this Month will bring " GOOD LUCK " to everyone of US after all that we've been through these years! God Bless US All!!!


twiritara: Definitely my favourite season. I’m so excited about this season that I drew this comic during August. Ink and colored pencil on paper.