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It's unbelievable what they are getting away with! Bernie is the only one talking about it. That's why he gets so little time on t.v, big money owns the "news", and big money does not like Bernie


Never forget, if it weren't for the DNC and mainstream media's collusion with the Clinton campaign, BERNIE could be our president right now, not Trump. AND NEVER FORGET THOSE SAME BERNIE SUPPORTERS DID NOT GO OUT AND VOTE FOR A DEMOCRATIC CONGRESS THEREFORE HE WOULD HAVE BEEN JUST LIKE OBAMA AND NOT GET ANYTHING HE WANTED DONE.

from Rolling Stone

Bernie Sanders: Where We Go From Here

Bernie Sanders: Where We Go From Here | RollingStone | "It feels like a bomb went off in Washington. In less than a yr, the leaders of both major parties have been crushed. VT Sen Bernie Sanders, now sits on one side of that battle, in a position of enormous influence. The party has named him 'outreach chair,' & MN congressman & Sanders political ally Keith Ellison is the favorite to be named head of the DNC." Click to read and share the full interview with short video (1:29).


He's been correct on every issue for decades. #Bernie42020 - maybe because he's not corrupted by power and wealth


A half-century after the events in my novel "Daffodil Sunrise," the battle's far from over. If anything, the stakes are only higher. ...