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I am in such awe of Bernie Sanders. What a giant of a man. He's changed the world -- not ENOUGH for some of us, but he's definitely changed it for the better. Let's hope we can keep the movement going.

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“Let’s be clear. Class warfare is being waged in this country. It is being waged by the Koch brothers, Sheldon Adeslon, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and all the others who want to decimate working families in order to make the wealthiest people even wealthier. In this class war that we didn’t start, let’s make sure it is the middle class and working families who win, not the millionaires and billionaires.” ~ Senator Bernie Sanders

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another great updated Bernie vs Hillary info graphic - Democratic Underground
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Let's build those windmills! Vote for Bernie Sanders - the strongest proponent for renewable green energy!

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-- I've lived in New Zealand & Finland and can tell you first hand no one there considers their country to be anything but a free- market capitalist society, no one calls it socialism, they just consider it a civilized society--

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Oppose Any National “Right to Work” Legislation Here! Check out “Day of Action” Congressional leaders have setup for Sunday, January 15th 2017 in support of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Senator Bernie Sanders put out a press release on the “Day of Action” rally and is currently organizing his troops. More information can be obtained Bernie’s website.

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Aled Lewis.Aled Lewis’s Bernie Sanders poster design is the best I’ve seen thus far. He’s also on Tumblr. Please consider donating to Bernie Sanders via Bernie’s website.

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