Bernie is abody-mind-spirit pioneer. He is my inspiration for writing my book, From Incurable to Incredible.

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Bernie Siegel quotes quotations and aphorisms from OpenQuotes #quotes #quotations #aphorisms #openquotes #citation

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An interview of the incredible Dr. Bernie Siegel on The Bruce Starr Show.

Had an opportunity to see Dr Bernie Siegel for a 2nd time yesterday. I highly recommend seeing him if you ever have the chance.

"If you want to attract miracles for those you care about, open your heart, still your mind, and listen" — Dr. Bernie Siegel in his book LOVE, ANIMALS & MIRACLES.

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If I told patients to raise their blood levels of immune globulins or killer T-cells, no one would know how. But if I can teach them to love themselves and others fully; the same change happens automatically. The truth is: Love heals. Bernie Siegel

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