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Carp Fishing. Chickpeas is my No. 10 best carp bait. Find out all you need to know about this classic carp bait. Including where best to buy them.

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Fishermen always want to find the best fishing baits, especially when baiting a hook for Carp! Graeme experiments with plain garden peas and has a Totally Awesome fishing session on his Avon quiver tip rod. It doesn’t get any better than this – cheap bait from your local supermarket, and bites that can pull your rod in a curve!

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5 Killer Carp Bait Recipes If you are looking to get into carp fishing, knowing what to fish with is key. In many ways, carp bait is very similar to catfish bait, but carp prefer sweeter baits. This is because carp originated eating fallen fruit in Asia. There are five simple carp bait recipes th

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Trying out a hotdog, garlic and cherry kool-aid catfish bait. Hum? Heard of weird bait before but whatever works.

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Tiger nuts is my No.4 Best Carp Bait. This is a great #carp but many waters have banned carp anglers from using them. Find out more about this classic carp bait including Pro's and Con's and where best to but them. Plus much more...

Chickpeas - Best bait for carp fishing - Get my unique take. - Best Bait for Carp Fishing

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