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Best Indoor Trees

How to Garden Without a Garden — Best Indoor Plants

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Top 5 Indoor Plants and How to Care for Them

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Best Indoor Palm Trees - Yucca Palm Place near window/door where it can get indirect sunlight.

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The 16 Best Healthy, Edible Plants to Grow Indoors

Luckily, you don’t need to be a farmer (or even live near a farm) in order to reap the benefits of home-grown produce.

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7 Potted Plants to Create the Perfect Indoor Oasis

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Tips for Growing Fiddle Leaf Figs

Tips for Growing Fiddle Leaf Figs (ficus lyrata) by apartmenttherapy. Image credit makingitlovely #Gardening #House_Plants #Fiddle_Leaf_Figs

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5 GREAT Indoor Plants that you WONT kill

Nothing revives the home like some luscious green plants, they give good energy, purify the air and according to the age old rules of feng shui, they can sharpen focus and improve your health.

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Citrus inside; the best pick for homegrown citrus is a dwarf variety, a plant that is grafted onto special rootstock that prevents the tree from growing too large. Many citrus trees can be grown as dwarves, including Meyer lemon, kaffir lime, and 'Trovita' and calamondin oranges, which are amenable to indoor cultivation.

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Ficus lyrata, the fiddle leaf fig, offers wavy green leaves shaped somewhat like a fiddle. It is also among the best plants for cleaning indoor air

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