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Top 10 Makeup Primers.

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Face Primer Dupes for Your Skin! Not all face primers are created equal, but some have great, affordable dupes! Primer is a topic of conversation that I always see in my inbox, whether it’s a dupe request or simply needing to know what primer will work best for your skin concern. Here I’ve gathered a list of fourteen excellent face primers with an average cost difference of $31!

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This is my absolute favorite drug store primer. During the summer I love more of a glowy/dewy finish for my makeup and this is the perfect base to help me achieve the look I love! I also have the other master prime primer but this is specifically to illuminate your skin and it's only $7 :)

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Primed And Ready: The Best Makeup Primers Of The Moment

Benefit POREfessional A little of this clear gel goes a long way under sheer makeup like tinted moisturizers and powder foundations. Just dab on a pea size amount and spread over your skin for an airbrushed-like effect that makes pores and uneven patches less noticeable.

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What are the best primers for oily skin? My skin is fairly oily and I always find it so hard to keep my makeup on all day without doing touch ups in between, so I did a bit of reviewing and research and now have managed to come up with 6 primers which in my opinion work best with oily skin. They may all work just as well if you have dry skin or a combination of both but from my personal experience and researching others these are they No.1 primers for oily skin!xo

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Why Everyone's Talking About This Primer

What would we do without our primers? They help our eyeshadows stay put, keep our moisturizers from slipping, and so much more. But, which primer is best? We asked the editors over at Rank & Style. The site uses customer reviews, editors' picks, and overall buzz to figure out which products

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Order To Apply Face Products

Makeup Tips - I do all these steps except primer, powder and highlighter in this order and my makeup does great!

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I have been hearing about using Nivea Post Shave Balm as a face primer for quite a while, but I thought, “Nah, I have plenty of nice (and expensive) face primers. I’m good, thanks.&#822…

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