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Cherrybounce and a Stable Lad The daughter of "The Red Prince Mare" (of auction-setting fame). “She's what I call a goer, and takes some holding; the best over a gate I've ever ridden. I've used her hard and often, and never known her lame”. She was named for a horse in Surtees' "Mr. Sponge's Sporting Tour", which was one of Munnings' favourite books. The mare also appears in the painting Why Weren't You Out Yesterday.


After a while, Anakin's curiosity gets the best of him & he asks about it. It turns out a clone from another unit dissed Padme one day in Lea's hearing & her first response was to whip around & punch him in the nads. None of the boys have underestimated her since. :)


::Cameron Dallas::"hey, I'm Cameron but everyone knows me as Cam"I smile"I'm 18 and single, but I'm not the best guy for a relationship. I'm very rich and everyone in this town knows who I am, the mayors son"I smile"I'm apart of Magcon and I'm a model. Ari is my sister. That's it about me, come say hi?"


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[Bangtan News] I'm not hating on Weekly Idol, but I hope they don't cut any of the members out. Last time, Yoongi and some of Seokjins parts were cut out when all the members were asked to do something. The editors job is to make the show 'funny and interesting' but I could literally just watch them do nothing for an hour and It would be the best thing ever. I just hope they all equally have fun while on the show, that's all ❤ FIGHTING!!! #BTS #방탄소년단