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DJ Rapid presents 'The Antiques Rave Show' on 31 August 2013 by Richrapid on SoundCloud #oldskool #jungle


"Cyclone" This is our mid-range 17" tri-horn kit that is affordable but yet stunning in performance at an amazing 175 decibels! You will not be disappointed with the quality and output. Best Blast for the dollar$! Includes our suggested horn management kit availabe to optimize your Horn system. Ask our sales representatives for more details.For more information visit here :

How to connect a sound system

IntroductionNowadays, having a good sound system at home is an enjoyment for music listeners. If you want to pursue a better sound quality, you must hear of something like an amplifier or an equalizer. However, building a sound system often causes problems. If not properly connected or started, the components might be damaged. This tutorial will guide you how to properly build a sound system. First, we will introduce some basic concepts of a sound system. If you want to get the main ideas…


Palmer Lucky: Our audio system - the best The price of $ 599 for the Oculus Rift is a result of the incorporation into the high-quality components such as two of the OLED display and an integrated tracking system. More on one feature is not often mentioned when talking about the total cost of the headset but which however is no less important for the convenient use of them - a ready audio system with built-in headphones Rift intended for public use. Someone pointed out that the removal of…