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Sparkle – Natural Teeth Whitening and Whole Mouth Herbal Detox

WHAT IT IS: Sparkle is a natural and systemically supportive alternative to toxic mainstream teeth whitening treatments. Rather than adding to the body’s toxic burden while whitening your smile, Sparkle utilizes earth’s gifts to detox the mouth, eliminate plaque and naturally brighten and strengthen dental enamel. HOW TO USE IT: Use once a day for 7-10 …


Teeth Whitening with Charcoal - Does everything you see on Pinterest really work?


Amazing product! Whitened my teeth after just one use! Available for purchase at the local drugstore. #crest #powercouple #sponsored


Apparently the best teeth whitener, Jaclyn Hill uses it to get her teeth white


White Ultra 5 Minute Whitening System - I wonder if it works??

from Daily Health Post

10 Reasons To Drink More Apple Cider Vinegar

Clearer skin, calming indigenstion, boosting metabolism, fighting cancer. Among the most backed-up claims are these: Relieves nighttime muscle cramps. Whitens teeth & kill off bacteria in your mouth. Relieves stomach troubles. The pectin helps soothe cramps, prevent heartburn/indigestion, and the fiber helps to flush out toxins from your system. Boost immunity to common colds. May help lower glucose levels. Helps break down fats so that your body can use them, and not store them.


Oil pulling - PositiveFoodie Start small and work your way up. Start with 1/2 tablespoon: as you swish, the volume of the oil increases quickly as it mixes with saliva and foams up. Start at five minutes: the muscles in your cheeks, tongue, throat and jaws will start to tire from the swishing quickly.