Certainly, one the most remarkable vehicles built in the 1950s was this BIC-company promotional bus, designed by Felix Aublet

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Bic Ballpoint Pen Year Invented: 1938 Designer: Lazlo & Gyorgy Biro In 1931 many variations @ the ballpoint pen had been patented, but none of these were as commercially viable as the Biros' design. The Hungarian Biro brothers panted their design in 1938, & in 1943 they moved to Argentina, where they formed Biro Pens of Argentina. The design was licensed to the British, & in 1945, Marcel Bich bought the patent, which soon became the star product of his Bic company.

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Logo & webdesign was developed for a Slovak company which offers advanced technology for improved comfort in family houses such as lighting, shading and audio equipment or heating and control.

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We all carry pens in our pockets, purse, suitcase, etc. – just in case, right? But, have you ever noticed that almost every pen you owned has a hole on its cap? If yes, then, let me ask you a question – have you ever wondered why there is a hole in the cap of the pen? Well, we can answer that for you and the answer is quite simple. The major leader in production of pens, lighters, shavers, sailboards, etc – the BIC Company, has actually invented this brilliant solution since 1991. We…

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Promotional BIC 7.5x8.5 Fabric Surface Mouse Pad Item #BIC-MP1 (Min Qty: 100). Customize your Promotional Mouse Pads with your company logo and with no setup fees.

1973-Bic Lighters. http://www.flickyourbic.com/products. For details on how to order BIC products branded with your logo contact: ww.Fivetwentyfour.ca

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