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Bicycle Art, Bike Varieties, Cycling Illustration, Bicycle Wall Art, Bike Art Print

Bicycle Types, Bicycle Varieties, Cycling Illustration, Bicycle Wall Art, Bike Art Print


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MAMACHARI ママチャリ | Vehicle - Transportation | Use: Bicycles are the most environment friendly means of transportation, three times as energy efficient as walking & three to four times as fast. The inexpensive mamachari is the most common bicycle type in Japan for everyday use. | Sold By: ? | Country: Japan | Damage: ? | #mamachari #bicycle #Japan


Enlisted in Freedom's Fight "This superb color image shows a GI taking aim with his Thompson M1928A1 SMG behind his WLA during an exercise in 1942. He wears the HBT uniform with Hawley Fiber M1 helmet liner. An M1 Dust Respirator is barely visible on his left cheek. The goggles are the M1938 Resistal type. The Submachinegun has the 50-Rd magazine fitted and the Lyman rear sight is flipped upwards. The motorcycle is a Type II 42WLA identified by the bicycle type starter pedal and low…

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Why ride a fixed-gear bike

Fixed-gear bikes used to be an obscure bicycle type that experienced an exponential rise in popularity among certain sub-cultures and has recently paved its way

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BIKE TYPES Art Illustration 8.5 x 11 Signed Archival Print

This print depicts different bicycle types (its evolution) with corresponding names: pennyfarthing, beach cruiser, road bike, exercise bike.