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This is a Leonberger puppy... I grew up with a Leonberger... They are gentle giants & so very smart.

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I Like Big Mutts and I Cannot Lie! | Tee

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Turning an old hoodie into a dog sweater. I recommend not using scissors or anything sharp around your dog while you're trying to size it. Just mark where you want to cut with chalk and then cut when it's off of your dog...

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Rottweiler.This x 2 = the 1st line of defense in my home security...and believe me, they will sense you long before you know they're even watching

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Best Friends - Akita Inu My <a href="">Facebook Page</a> --> _

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"Rescue is my Favourite Breed" Animal Welfare T-Shirt Concept for Paws for Hope.

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Yona lays like this. How can such a big dog be comfortable in this position?

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dog toy from old t-shirts

Dog Toy made from old t-shirts! (Caution: pieces from shirts can tear off and become lodged in a dog's intestines. Always supervise toy play and discard any damaged, frayed or broken toys!)

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Paw In Hand Watercolor

Would you wear this? Comment below! Every purchase feeds 7 shelter dogs!

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