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You know what your weakness is? You have so much love in you-too much. You give & give & you give till you have nothing left. Till your blood runs dry & your bones lie naked, yet you would gladly give your bones away. You have nothing but love brimming in you, but that love was never for yourself.

my new book " whiskey words and a shovel volume two " is set to release under @andrewsmcmeel publishing | pre order will begin soon & I'll be sharing more about the book via @whiskeywordsandashovel. I also have something special in the works with @barnesandnoble concerning this release. More info soon. Thank you for your love, positivity and support. #whiskeywordsandashovelV2 #quotes #poetry


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Her love was the kind that movies wishes they could recreate. With a big heart, that love was only meant for someone strong enough to handle it's weight. Her love wasn't for everyone.

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